IT Support

Our team is always available and will be happy to help with any and all tech problems you might encounter. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Parrot Computer full-time technical staff consistently provides unparalleled onsite and remote customer service.


Help Desk Services


Communicate with our help desk today using any of the following methods:


Onsite Services


Parrot Computers offers onsite services because some technical issues call for hands-on assistance. Our knowledgeable team will keep your infrastructure up and running and prevent problems from arising in the future, saving you time and money. Contact us and let our technicians come to you.

Computer Consulting


Parrot Computers is proud to provide excellent computer consulting services to our valued clients. Our team can guarantee your day-to-day IT support needs will be met in a straightforward, economical, and professional way. While our technicians provide expert service and support, they keep our clients informed and guide them through the process, ensuring their business's needs are the top priority.

Cloud Services


Want to give your business a more streamlined approach? Parrot Computers can help you move your business to the Cloud. Your entire business can be moved to the cloud, eliminating the need for servers and desktop computers. Not sure where to start? Contact us today to learn more about our Cloud services.

Network Management


Parrot Computers provides professional support when it comes to network management and monitoring. Our team can ensure that everything within your network is working, secure, and reliable. Our skilled technicians monitor individual elements but also examine and manage the workflow as a whole and can offer a wide range of network management services.

Network Security


Cyber security is involved in all our services as it is a critical necessity for any business. Our team at Parrot Computers has been subject to thorough background checks. We offer a wide range of network security services such as data encryption, vulnerability audits, event monitoring and alerting, password management systems, and management of anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls, and server permissions.

Network Operations


Our Parrot Computers network operations team will collaborate with our software engineering team to best manage and maintain your infrastructure, delving into the most complicated and involved projects.  

Server Support


We offer support on a wide variety of servers and systems. Whether you need help with secure file and email storage systems, point of sales systems, or any other security and software updates. The Parrot Computers team will guide you through achieving accurately optimized and managed servers, guaranteeing your data will be secure and easily accessible.

Data Backup


Data backups are vital and may not be a top priority until it is too late. Let Parrot Computers take care of your data backups, giving you the peace of mind that accompanies knowing your valuable data is securely backed up, not only once but multiple times. Our team will communicate with your staff to create a retention and recovery plan to save your company time and ensure confidentiality. Your data backups will be consolidated and organized, whether in a physical database or on the cloud. With our data backup process, you will always have a local copy you control.   

Disaster Recovery


Parrot Computers always aims to prevent tech “disasters”, but it is essential that we have a plan in place if there is an unforeseen circumstance. When it comes to disaster recovery, our process begins with the identification of key processes, people, systems, and vendors. This allows us to rebuild your business in the quickest time period possible. Our next step is to identify and document all information for key vendors, suppliers, employees, and customers. We will also document all information for crucial business operations, such as utility and facility information and insurance. We will request an asset list that would include serial numbers for all technological equipment, such as office computers. These steps allow our team to provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan if the need for one arises. 

System Engineering


Our systems engineering team is equipped to solve network design and troubleshooting issues on the highest level of complexity. This adaptive team can engineer any server setup, new or old, large or small. Only by recommending the technology and solutions that will work for you, Parrot Computers will provide more personalized service than other IT providers who will push whatever solution is the easiest for them. Contact us today to learn more about how our systems engineering team can help you.  

Project Work


Parrot Computers is ready and able to provide support on all of your technology projects, past, future, and present. Our team has the resources to give our clients the level of guidance they need for their varied specific projects. Contact us today to find out how we can help you complete an upcoming project or finally cross an old one off your list!

Staff Augmentation


Does your business need an onsite technician available consistently? This service may be needed to assist in onboarding new employees, training employees on new or existing software systems, or even getting a new office fully operational. We will provide our services and support according to your schedule and needs.