IT Consulting

Parrot Computers has a long history of providing clients with quality IT Consulting, remaining knowledgeable about industry changes, and always making clients’ needs a top priority.


Virtual CIO Services


The position of CIO, or Chief Information Officer, has become so central in modern businesses as technology plays a bigger role than ever in operations. The CIO in an organization reports directly to the CFO, CEO, and board, and has broader responsibilities than simply IT management. This figure would coordinate with a CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, in an organization that highly values information technology. Contact us today to speak more in-depth about our virtual CIO services.

Strategic Alignment


Parrot Computers actively listens to our client's plans for the future, and ensures their technology systems will support their accompanying strategy. Don’t let your less-than-perfect technology keep you from the future you envision for your business. Make it the sharpened tool that gets you there faster. Gain a competitive edge by involving Parrot Computers in your strategic planning. Your technology will adapt as you do and seamlessly guide your transition from where you are now to where you want to be. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic alignment services.



Not sure how to plan your IT budgeting? Parrot Computers has # years of experience in the field and will give you the information and guidance you need to make an informed and strategic decision. To learn more about our budgeting process or schedule a consultation, contact us today. 

IT Road-Map


Business leaders often have a clear picture of where they want their company to be in the future, but the IT decisions needed to get there may not be so apparent. Parrot Computers can help make that part of the picture clearer. We provide excellent IT consulting that supports the strategic decisions of our clients. As always, communication is key. Getting the IT road-map to match the company’s road-map, is how your business will gain a competitive advantage and avoid any speed bumps along the way. Contact us today and learn more about our IT road-map services. 

Business Continuity


Will your business be able to recover important data and have a plan for recovery in the event of an office disaster? Would you like it to? Parrot Computers is equipped to help our clients get back on their feet if an unforeseen event occurs. We will help you become fully operational, even after computer equipment has been damaged. Too often businesses never fully recover from disasters and will go out of business as a result. Don’t let this be your business. Contact us today to learn more about our business continuity plans and precautions.

Workflow Analysis


How can your business be the most productive given your current technology setup? Parrot Computers’ workflow analysis service can help you increase productivity and profitability. Our team will gather any necessary information about your unique business and workflow, analyze it, and gather diagnostics to eliminate any areas that may be wasting valuable time or money. Contact us today to find out how our workflow analysis service may benefit your business.